Thursday, March 4, 2010

Decision Made!

Most of you probably remember our stressful decision making process this past summer! It was a difficult time and I really did not want to go through that again!....

Well, I am thrilled to say that I have already come to a decision as to what to do next year for schooling! Like last year, I went back and forth a bit about whether we should homeschool or send Kendyl to public. Thankfully, this decision process didn't take as long, and wasn't as stressful and rushed as last year!

We will be homeschooling Kendyl again next year, using both 1st and 2nd grade curriculums. Aden will be going to the Fremont Christian School Preschool program with Mrs. Breuker. We were extremely happy we sent Kendyl there, as it put her in a 'school' mode for homeschooling this year.

Kendyl's curriculum programs are pretty much decided upon (and in my possession or purchased).

Math: Switching from Saxon 1 to Math-U-See Alpha (still a first grade curriculum, but I'm just seeking to solidify all the things she learned in Saxon 1 this year by doing 1st grade again). This is a FUN program and we are very excited for it! If need-be, we will order the next level up. :)

Reading: Kendyl will have completed the 5 levels of Hooked on Phonics for Reading. She will be reading easy chapter books by this time. I am still looking into different reading curriculums, but have a bunch of different resources for making my own (or just using them).

We hope to start a homeschool kids' book club next year. In the club, we would encourage the kids to bring their favorite books, share about it, do projects related to the book, read aloud to each other, etc.

We will of course be taking MANY trips to the library to get some great literature that David and I will read to her, that she will understand and respond to, but may not be able to read on her own.

Writing: Continuing with the Hand Writing Without Tears program for hand-writing.

Will be doing many more writing assignments: writing books, poems, jokes, etc. We will also be doing more word processing on the computer.

We will continue using a journal.

Spelling: Using Dolch list of words, as well as others we notice she spells incorrectly in her writing assignments.

Phonics workbooks will be used to help with spelling practice as well.

Vocabulary: Working on making her own 'dictionary' of words we come across in our reading in all subjects. Practicing ABC order, using a dictionary, etc.

For the other subjects, I have many resources (thanks to my good friend Molli), that I am going through to find the best fit for us.

I also plan to do more unit studies next year (I will design these).

SOOOOO.... I am so thankful that this decision has been made! Hoping to get most of the real planning done before this summer, so that we can truly have a GREAT summer vacation!! :)

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  1. decision made for history!
    the Story of the World:Volume 1: Ancient Times by: Susan Wise Bauer (from the earliest nomads to the last roman emperor)

    for grades 1-4... GREAT program... history book through literature (this book, plus a list of great books to read for each time period/topic) & Activity book that has MANY project/writing/art things to do for each period of time/topic in the books! Can cover many subjects in one sweep! :) I had purchased this (brand new) at a curriculum sale before we started schooling... I've been going through it and comparing it to others and think it IS a WINNER! :) It is something that I could invite other kids to be a part of for certain projects too :) I'm excited!